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Commissioned to create a new dance for Miami City Ballet, Justin Peck ran up against a wall -- many, in fact. Lucky for him, these loomed among the ones with vibrant colors and suggestive figures that have turned the streets of Wynwood into an open-air art museum, a source of inspiration for the 27-year-old choreographer whose still brief but notable career includes a cache of critically-accla..

It’s not really news that modern dance companies have experienced extraordinary pressures since the 1970s, with seasoned companies closing their doors and celebrated choreographers fleeing for shelter to coveted academic posts. However, New York-based Carolyn Dorfman Dance has defied the trends, remaining independent and producing critically acclaimed, avant-garde modern choreographi..

For all its complexities and portrayals in pop culture, war is an act that tears and disjoints, fractures, and reshapes those who fight it and those who love them. Basetrack Live explores what happens after the fracture. A theatrical character study, it focuses on the real lives of Marine veteran, AJ, and his wife Melissa, exploring the impact of war on the couple as he goes off to battle, the..

On Saturday, March 7th, the curtain came up on South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center’s production of Urban Bush Women’s 30th anniversary tour performance. Opening remarks from founder Jawole Willa Jo Zollar included an introduction of George Caldwell, live accompanist on piano for the night’s performance as well as composer for the program’s highlight, Walking with Tran..

If any dancer in Spain has achieved the status of a cultural icon, it is Sara Baras. She is the female answer to Joaquin Cortes, embraced not just in the dance world, but by television, fashion and film. Oh, and by a little toy maker by the name of Mattel that in 2013 crafted a Barbie doll in her image. With feet like jackhammers, arms that would be the envy of Michelle Obama and a back wi..

Miami has a strange way of creating those what-did-I just-see unexpected moments. Like the first time I first drove into Wynwood and saw what happens when a nuke gets set off in someone’s imagination. It occurred again Sunday, March 1, when I arrived at the Little Haiti Cultural Center (212 NE 59th Terr.) to see the 9th Dance NOW! Miami Open Stage event. Had I known, I would have ma..

Urban Bush Women (UBW), founded in 1984 by choreographer Jawole Willa Jo Zollar, has a 30-year history of addressing social-political issues through dance. The New York-based company’s roots are steeped in community -- a dance company made of, in service to, and working in conjunction with community. Its core values, it is evident, lies in developing a strength to overcome, defy and cha..

Organizers Hannah Baumgartner and Diego Salterini -- co-founders of Dance Now! Miami -- created Miami Open Stage for talented Miami choreographers to showcase their new work. They also intended it as a venue for dance enthusiasts looking for a chance to discover what’s happening on the ground floor, and to pick the brains of Miami’s local choreographic talent. Just off a summe..

Creating site specific dance is becoming choreographer Marissa Alma Nick’s signature calling card, so when the Design District approached her about activating their Paula Crown exhibit, TRANSPOSITION: Over Many Miles, she was game. On a corner in the District, Crown’s sculpture sits on 3,200 square feet of constructed flooring based on a landscape drawing from her 2010 Africa D..

Sometimes the circle does become complete. So it is that Bianca Golden, 10 years after her graduation from the New World School of the Arts, will take to the stage this weekend in the Miami debut of the increasing celebrated L.A-based Contra Tiempo dance company. Artburst talked with her the night before the debut. You grew up in Miami. When you left it for New York, did you imagine re..

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The daughter of Bernardo García, an influential drummer in Cuban music, charter member of the fabled Afro-Cuban jazz rock group Irakere and trumpeter Arturo Sandoval’s band, Yissy García was supposed to be a dancer, a ballerina. Her brother was the designated heir in the family. “They would take me to dance lessons and I’d go crying, all the way. I didn’t ..

It was distressing to see entire rows of empty seats at the Ziff Opera house of the Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in Miami, when Florida Grand Opera unveiled its production of Bizet’s The Pearl Fishers. Hopefully it was the flooding caused by the day’s heavy rain, or the remnants of flu season and not laziness or worse, ignorance, the cause of missing an excellent perfor..

Cuba seems to produce pianists the way Brazil produces soccer players. The quality and quantity is astonishing -- but so is the continuity of a piano tradition that has transcended ups and downs in the economy, social changes, and the vagaries of political regimes of nearly every stripe. In fact, the wealth of music “has been a permanent factor in the history of Cuba. It’s ..

A burning passion for music has been consuming Jeannette Sorrell since her early childhood in San Francisco. “When I was age five, six, seven...I kept begging my parents for a piano,” she says in a recent interview, “it just didn’t happen.” When Sorrell turned nine, she could not contain the blaze any longer, so she took the free piano lessons offered at schoo..

After studying music composition in college, Anthony Barrese became a conductor out of necessity. “As a composer you end up conducting a lot of your own work because you know it better than anybody else,” he explains in a recent interview, “and because people would rather conduct Beethoven than something they don’t know.” Barrese has been meandering musically ..

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La guerra no necesariamente termina sólo porque uno vuelve a casa. Eso queda claro en una pieza teatral como Basetrack Live (, en la que se pone en relieve el hecho de que el proceso de reinserción de quien regresa a la vida civil puede ser difícil, hasta traumático. Cualquier persona que haya servido en las fuerzas militares en alguna c..

En los años 1970, la salsa alcanzó su pico como expresión sociocultural latina. Hoy día, para la coreógrafa y bailarina cubano americana Ana María Álvarez (, ese pasado como grito urbano poético de las calles sigue más relevante que nunca. Gracias mayormente al sello disc..

El secreto del éxito de competencias de canto en televisión como American Idol, The Voice y Rising Star es obvio: A millones de nosotros nos gusta cantar. No importa si alguna vez ha cantado y quisiera hacerlo otra vez o si nunca se ha animado a cantar excepto detrás de la cortina en la ducha, esta es su oportunidad para cantar bajo la dirección de un profesiona..

Al mirar el calendario de espectáculos de esta temporada, uno podría decir que Miami está experimentando un verdadero furor por todo lo español, especialmente el flamenco. No es la primera vez, en los años 80, por ejemplo, hubo tantos tablaos aquí como en muchas ciudades de España, con artistas locales y otros, inclusive algunos de tanto renombr..

La inspiración puede venir de cualquier lado. Y en el caso de Sorolla, la puesta en escena que presenta el Ballet Nacional de España desde este jueves 6 y hasta el 9 en el Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts de Miami, llega de la pintura. Específicamente, de las obras de arte que uno de los más consagrados pintores españoles, Joaquín Soro..

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