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All known basic elements in our physical universe have their own set of atomic properties, such as an atomic number, or melting or freezing points. But all atoms prefer an octet formation and will gain or lose electrons to form that stable configuration with other atoms. By sharing valence, electrons in the outer shell of an atom form covalent bonds to adjacent atoms. There is probab..

Three recipients of last year's Knight Arts Challenge grants are preserving media from the past and using the grant money to get their message of the value of vintage to the masses. And what a difference a year makes. Kevin Arrow and Barron Sherer of Obsolete Media Miami (OMM) are collectors. Nayib Estefan of Secret Celluloid Society is a preservationist. The vintagists say that while..

They live in a world of rancorous politics, anything-goes sexuality and escapist entertainment. A would-be leader and windy speechmaker fueled by anger and fear is poised to ascend. Still, many move through life with blinders on, certain that “normal” times will soon return. Is this the United States in 2016? Arguably yes. But it’s also Germany in the waning days of the Weimar Republi..

Heralding from Chile, Teatro Cinema company is among the most genre-busting, let alone accomplished group to present work in South Florida. Besides its base in Santiago, the company has a permanent home in Paris. Such is its popularity in Europe, most especially in France. Just what is Teatro Cinema? Frustrated by the limits of both stage and screen, Teatro Cinema marries them. But th..

Playwright Tennessee Williams left his fraught family history, his prodigious talent and his inner demons as an artistic legacy in some of the American theater’s greatest works. You know their titles: The Glass Menagerie, A Streetcar Named Desire, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Night of the Iguana, The Rose Tattoo, Sweet Bird of Youth. He also left a script called The Two-Character Play (orig..

An intimate drama and a towering musical were named the best play and best musical of 2015 when winners of the 40th annual Carbonell Awards were announced on Monday during a show and ceremony at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. Named for the late Cuban artist Manuel Carbonell, who designed the bronze award sculpture given to each winner, the Carbonells are South Florida theater..

When Ricky J. Martinez got an email last month telling him he would be the 2016 recipient of the prestigious Margo Jones Award, he didn’t believe it. “I thought it was B.S., that one of my friends was playing a practical joke on me,” says Martinez, 44, artistic director of New Theatre for the past decade. “When I realized it was true, I tried not to cry. It’s an amazing recognition. I..

Miami is about to get a marathon – and no, it’s nothing like the one in January that had competitors from all over the world running from Miami to Miami Beach and back. This marathon is powered by art, by the belief that actors and audiences who dive deeply into a shared storytelling experience are undertaking a theatrical adventure. In a world geared to shrinking attention spans, wh..

GableStage is a company known and celebrated for artistic director Joseph Adler’s skill at staging all sorts of plays. In 18 seasons, the Biltmore Hotel-based theater has produced just two musicals: James Joyce’s The Dead in 2001-2002 and The Adding Machine in 2008-2009. Yet Adler’s directorial prowess was clear in each, with both winning the best musical Carbonell Award. Now Gabl..

The concept has been used in many a revue: Strong singers explore a theater composer’s work, accompanied by live musicians (if the actors and audience are lucky), with some costume changes to vary the visuals and maybe a bit of biography thrown in for context. Sondheim on Sondheim, the glorious new Actors’ Playhouse production at the Miracle Theatre in Coral Gables, has all of those elemen..

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New Yorkers were still dressed for winter in somber coats and dark sweaters as a mixed crowd from socialite types to teenagers with backpacks filed into the red velvet jewel box for the Joyce Theater’s Saturday, April 16 evening performance of Miami City Ballet’s 2016 Lincoln Center debut. The chill dispersed even before the curtain rose in the excitement shared by frequent ballet-goe..

Dancers are movers and water in nature is almost always moving. The National Water Dance performance brought the two together at the historic Deering Estate on Saturday, April 16, as part of the estate’s Festival of the Arts. At exactly 4:00 p.m. dancers from across the nation used movement to bring awareness to the substance that covers roughly 70 to 75 percent of the world’s surface. Fo..

Tigertail’s month-long WATER festival is well under way. The festival highlights water’s multiple aspects and roles in human life, and is the first in a four-year project celebrating all four elements. Fire, earth and air are still to come. This weekend local choreographer Lazaro Godoy’s solo piece, Medaka, premieres as part of the WATER festival. The title references a type of Japan..

Like most kids, dancer choreographer Brigette Cormier grew up watching television, and as an adult she still enjoys a show or two. However, in her latest dance work, TV NO, she breaks down the barriers of television entertainment and explores how addictive the medium can be. Taking place at the intimate RIFT Black Box Theater, the multi-media performance takes the audience through the..

If Dale Andree could come back as an animal in her next life, she’d be a seal. The National Water Dance founder and artistic director, a self-confessed “water baby,” has a kinship with H20 and it’s that draw that helped her to realize an artistic vision that has now become a national force of nature. She created the Florida Waterways Dance Project in 2011, a collaborative initiative o..

“All our sweetest hours fly fastest,” said Virgil. He could have been speaking of Momentum’s Spring Concert: Hearts, Heroes, Humans. Time flew as Delma Iles, artistic director of Momentum Dance Company, presented us with an afternoon of different states of mind. The opening piece, Irresistible Pop, the first of three world premiers by Iles, centers around the urge to pop packing bubbl..

Augusto Soledade Brazzdance has been active in the Miami dance community since Soledade arrived over 10 years ago. His choreographic style has changed over time, as has his cast of dancers. Most notably, core dancer Ilana Reynolds had virtually defined Brazzdance performance until she left Miami for Berlin a few years back. New performers have since joined, bringing a different set of ski..

On March 26, FUNDarte, in collaboration with Miami-Dade County Auditorium and Culture Shock Miami, presented Brazil’s Companhia Urbana de Dança’s second annual performance in Miami. The company has achieved acclaim for its blend of capoeira and authentic, no-bravado hip hop performed by dancers - “Brazilian, young and black” -- whose origins are the bleak favelas of urban Brazil. From..

For most audiences, the creative process is often a mystery -- the months of intricate planning and experimenting are rarely seen, over shadowed by the polished spectacle of opening night. This week, the Miami Book Fair International aims to pull back that curtain with special presentation of The Making Of “Surya: The Eternal Rhythm” at MDC’s Wolfson Auditorium, which will feature excerpt..

The idea for a month-long celebration of water first came to Tigertail Productions’ Executive Director and founder Mary Luft over a year ago, as the issues of rising sea-levels and climate change have come to the fore. “I started thinking and looking at water in a more general way, and looking at water bounty, water as essential, water as ritual -- but from an artist’s perspective.” F..

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Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil: together in Miami, at last. Saturday's performance at Bayfront Park is a dream come true for the Rhythm Foundation. “To have them together is kind of the holy grail for Brazil-ophiles,” said its director, Laura Quinlan. They are, she said, “kind of like the David Bowie and Bob Dylan, or Paul McCartney and John Lennon, of Latin America.” Veloso and Gil,..

Last June, conductor Elaine Rinaldi and her Orchestra Miami payed homage to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in a ceremonious if not downright religious way, with a performance of some of his Masonic-themed music at downtown Miami’s Scottish Rite Temple. “It is a really beautiful space to listen to music,” Rinaldi said about the Temple, “and it is a real joy to make music there because we can..

Going to the opera is a ceremonious break from reality. It is spectacle, whose content is usually far removed from us. Some performances are sublime, others inadequate, but all are bound by fantasy. On April 2, a night at the opera became a more grounding experience for Miamians, as the Florida premiere of Mieczyslaw Weinberg’s The Passenger took place at the Arsht Center for the Perf..

Seraphic Fire, South Florida’s Grammy-nominated 45-five member choral group, approaches the end of its 14th Miami season in triumph. Founder and Artistic Director Patrick Dupre Quigley will be directing this weekend’s rendition of Brahms’s German Requiem with two of the world’s most celebrated voices as solo artists. Soprano Tamara Wilson, also known by her moniker, “the hope of all who l..

This year's TransAtlantic world music festival is a celebration of both world music and its North Beach home. Set for April 8 and 9, the festival is presented by the Rhythm Foundation, which also produces events such as the Big Night in Little Haiti series. The foundation now manages the North Beach Bandshell for the city of Miami Beach. “The festival this year really cements our ..

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La problemática del cambio climático está que arde. Sobre todo en un estado como la Florida, en primera fila para sufrir consecuencias drásticas. Llegar al público con este mensaje e inspirarlo a tomar acción, sin embargo, resulta desafiante. Se necesitan aliados en esa misión. Y en eso las artes pueden ser uno muy significativo. Que es a lo que apunta la segunda celebración anual..

La música tiende puentes, y por más de media década ya, dos entidades artístico culturales del sur de la Florida, FUNDarte ( y Miami Light Project (, apuntan a eso al presentar en conjunto en Miami su Global Cuba Fest ( (GCF), el cual expone al público a lo más novedoso en música cub..

La colaboración del pianista cubano de jazz Gonzalo Rubalcaba y la cantaora flamenca española Esperanza Fernández junta a dos artistas de primera línea en sus respectivos géneros sin miedo de arriesgarse y explorer otros mundos musicales. Hijo de Guillermo Rubalcaba y nieto de Jacobo Rubalcaba, figuras ilustres en la música cubana como intérpretes y compositores, Gonzalo creció en la..

Comparten historia, elementos de culturas diversas, y sobre todo, pasión. Así, es más lo que une a dos vertientes musicales diferentes como el flamenco, máxima expresión cultural de la región sur de España, y la música ladina, esencia artística de los judíos españoles, o el pueblo sefardí. El domingo 24 de este mes, esa pasión común por la vida se desbordará en un espectáculo llamado ..

El trabajo como pianista y compositor de Chucho Valdés, 74, lo ha establecido hace tiempo como una figura trascendental en la música cubana de los últimos 50 años. Pero más allá de su virtuosismo en su instrumento o sus composiciones, para muchos, su obra más notable ha sido la creación y dirección de Irakere, el excepcional grupo de jazz afrocubano que marcó un hito en la historia del jazz la..

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