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David Arisco really loves the work of playwright Sean Grennan. The artistic director at Actors’ Playhouse in Coral Gables has previously staged three of Grennan’s plays and has just opened his production of a fourth, The Tin Woman. Arisco describes the piece as a “dramedy,” an amalgam of drama and comedy that explores a serious story while infusing the plot with warmth and tension-rel..

La matemática del deseo (The Mathematics of Desire), written and directed by Yoshvani Medina and performed at ArtSpoken in Little Havana, opens with a predictably unhappy couple. Tarah (Yrelkah Brown) talks too much. Ben (Juan David Ferrer) has a hot temper. She uses sex as a bargaining chip, withholding it until Ben can bring home more money; whereas Ben is sexually virile and perpetuall..

Cuban-born playwright Yoshvani Medina grew up with a love for mathematics. In his latest play, The Mathematics of Desire, which opens May 13, Medina utilizes the illusory and magical elements of math to sharpen the psychological edges of a vicious love triangle. He recounts how in the early 1980s in a recreational math workshop, a professor demonstrated that the number one is equal to th..

What do you say when your 12-year-old tells you she’s afraid Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States? You would like to say it’s impossible that a xenophobic misogynist, who has never held political office, has a chance of being the next president. When she adds that Trump seems like the kind of person “who makes nice people say mean things,” you realize that h..

Joshua Jean-Baptiste is an artist on the rise. With friend Edson Jean, he won the Project Greenlight digital studio competition to develop #JOSH, a web series about a Haitian-American innocent who moves in with his promiscuous cousin in Miami. Now Jean-Baptiste, through the theater group Lab 9, is debuting Them Beaux, his fresh take on George Farquhar’s 1707 late Restoration comed..

All known basic elements in our physical universe have their own set of atomic properties, such as an atomic number, or melting or freezing points. But all atoms prefer an octet formation and will gain or lose electrons to form that stable configuration with other atoms. By sharing valence, electrons in the outer shell of an atom form covalent bonds to adjacent atoms. There is probab..

Three recipients of last year's Knight Arts Challenge grants are preserving media from the past and using the grant money to get their message of the value of vintage to the masses. And what a difference a year makes. Kevin Arrow and Barron Sherer of Obsolete Media Miami (OMM) are collectors. Nayib Estefan of Secret Celluloid Society is a preservationist. The vintagists say that while..

They live in a world of rancorous politics, anything-goes sexuality and escapist entertainment. A would-be leader and windy speechmaker fueled by anger and fear is poised to ascend. Still, many move through life with blinders on, certain that “normal” times will soon return. Is this the United States in 2016? Arguably yes. But it’s also Germany in the waning days of the Weimar Republi..

Heralding from Chile, Teatro Cinema company is among the most genre-busting, let alone accomplished group to present work in South Florida. Besides its base in Santiago, the company has a permanent home in Paris. Such is its popularity in Europe, most especially in France. Just what is Teatro Cinema? Frustrated by the limits of both stage and screen, Teatro Cinema marries them. But th..

Playwright Tennessee Williams left his fraught family history, his prodigious talent and his inner demons as an artistic legacy in some of the American theater’s greatest works. You know their titles: The Glass Menagerie, A Streetcar Named Desire, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Night of the Iguana, The Rose Tattoo, Sweet Bird of Youth. He also left a script called The Two-Character Play (orig..

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Ilisa Rosal founded Ballet Flamenco La Rosa in 1985 and the company soon cultivated a renowned reputation for presenting flamenco, in all its forms, to local, national and international audiences. This weekend it will premiere “La Gaviota,” a flamenco ballet, and “Al Grano,” a program of pure flamenco that showcases the talent of artists from Spain, Latin America, Russia and the United St..

Singer and songwriter La Flaka, The Skinny One, aka Jessica Cánovas, was born and raised in Triana, a historic neighborhood of Sevilla, Spain, surrounded by flamenco music and dance. La Flaka, who will be 31 in July, grew up nurtured by the tradition but also new possibilities in flamenco. Her own music draws from many sources, from R&B and soul but also pop, hip hop and electronica. ..

Joffrey Ballet choreographer, dancer and Hollywood, Fla., native Edward "Eddie" Stierle will return to South Florida with Lacrymosa, performed by Dance Now! Miami this Thursday through Friday at The Gleason Room, Backstage at the Fillmore on Miami Beach. Stierle passed away at the shockingly untimely age of 23 in 1991, from complications of AIDS, but Lacrymosa remains alive. For this ..

Whether your interest in flamenco gravitates toward the folkloric, the funky or the just plain fun, Miami’s Centro Cultural Español (CCEMiami)’s spunky FlamenGO series is out to pull you in. The Center celebrates its 20th anniversary this season; FlamenGO is just one indicator that this popular outpost for all things Spanish shows no signs of slowing down. CCE Project Director Mayte D..

This week, Peter London Global Dance Company presents the Second Annual Latin and Caribbean Dance Night at the Coral Gables Museum. As a dancer, choreographer and teacher, London’s background is fundamentally contemporary. He was trained at Julliard, and later danced with modern dance greats including José Limón and Martha Graham. Yet he was born in Trinidad and Tobago and is equally root..

Contemporary dance has a way of showing us how harmoniously encompassing art can be. That’s what South Florida’s mixed-ability dance troupe Karen Peterson and Dancers ( (KPD), together with Portuguese counterparts Amalgama Companhia de Dança ( and Plural | Núcleo de Dança Contemporânea (

Miami Light Project, one of this city’s most vital performing arts organizations, has long been known for convention-bending work from both local and visiting artists. Its current Wynwood performance space, The Light Box, shows a wide variety of performance projects including music, dance, theater and many that do not fit easily into any category. One of the highlights of the Miami Li..

Founded in 1988 in Havana, the DanzAbierta company began under the direction of Marianela Boan. Considered a precursor to Cuba’s avant-garde dance movement, the company was known for its experimental stance towards Cuban cultural identity — and the language of dance itself. Boan’s background was not limited to dance; it included theater, visual art and music. In 2003 the company cam..

New Yorkers were still dressed for winter in somber coats and dark sweaters as a mixed crowd from socialite types to teenagers with backpacks filed into the red velvet jewel box for the Joyce Theater’s Saturday, April 16 evening performance of Miami City Ballet’s 2016 Lincoln Center debut. The chill dispersed even before the curtain rose in the excitement shared by frequent ballet-goe..

Dancers are movers and water in nature is almost always moving. The National Water Dance performance brought the two together at the historic Deering Estate on Saturday, April 16, as part of the estate’s Festival of the Arts. At exactly 4:00 p.m. dancers from across the nation used movement to bring awareness to the substance that covers roughly 70 to 75 percent of the world’s surface. Fo..

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The new album from steel pan star Leon Foster Thomas won’t come out officially until next month. But he's playing a pre-release concert on Saturday, May 21 at the South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center, and attendees can grab their copies early. With a band including legendary percussionist Sammy Figueroa and John Daversa of the University of Miami's Frost School of Music, Thomas, who perf..

Florida Grand Opera’s 2015-16 season felt as brief as a cool breeze in Miami, but also as refreshing. The overall level of its productions rose exponentially, from a not so funny Barber of Seville, followed by a solid Norma, a breathtaking Passenger, and peaking with a riotous Don Pasquale. Sadly, attendance seemed to be inversely proportional, at least on opening nights. Gaetano Don..

Kristopher Irmiter was 10 years old when he started singing in a barbershop quartet with his father and two brothers. From then on he sang wherever and as much as he could, but the thought of becoming an opera singer would not cross his mind until much later. “Opera was not on my radar even into the high school years,” Irmiter says. “I thought I was going to be the next Billy Joel. I ..

Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil: together in Miami, at last. Saturday's performance at Bayfront Park is a dream come true for the Rhythm Foundation. “To have them together is kind of the holy grail for Brazil-ophiles,” said its director, Laura Quinlan. They are, she said, “kind of like the David Bowie and Bob Dylan, or Paul McCartney and John Lennon, of Latin America.” Veloso and Gil,..

Last June, conductor Elaine Rinaldi and her Orchestra Miami payed homage to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in a ceremonious if not downright religious way, with a performance of some of his Masonic-themed music at downtown Miami’s Scottish Rite Temple. “It is a really beautiful space to listen to music,” Rinaldi said about the Temple, “and it is a real joy to make music there because we can..

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El flamenco es una música de fusión. La tradición es de sobrevivencia, de cambio constante y adaptación al lugar y los tiempos. Mientras el sonido puede ser diferente, el espíritu de Nuevo Flamenco es el del flamenco de siempre. “La Flaka”, Jessica Cánovas, es una cantaora del siglo XXI. Ella incorpora en su música elementos del soul, R&B, electrónica o jazz; puede cantar bulerías y e..

La problemática del cambio climático está que arde. Sobre todo en un estado como la Florida, en primera fila para sufrir consecuencias drásticas. Llegar al público con este mensaje e inspirarlo a tomar acción, sin embargo, resulta desafiante. Se necesitan aliados en esa misión. Y en eso las artes pueden ser uno muy significativo. Que es a lo que apunta la segunda celebración anual..

La música tiende puentes, y por más de media década ya, dos entidades artístico culturales del sur de la Florida, FUNDarte ( y Miami Light Project (, apuntan a eso al presentar en conjunto en Miami su Global Cuba Fest ( (GCF), el cual expone al público a lo más novedoso en música cub..

La colaboración del pianista cubano de jazz Gonzalo Rubalcaba y la cantaora flamenca española Esperanza Fernández junta a dos artistas de primera línea en sus respectivos géneros sin miedo de arriesgarse y explorer otros mundos musicales. Hijo de Guillermo Rubalcaba y nieto de Jacobo Rubalcaba, figuras ilustres en la música cubana como intérpretes y compositores, Gonzalo creció en la..

Comparten historia, elementos de culturas diversas, y sobre todo, pasión. Así, es más lo que une a dos vertientes musicales diferentes como el flamenco, máxima expresión cultural de la región sur de España, y la música ladina, esencia artística de los judíos españoles, o el pueblo sefardí. El domingo 24 de este mes, esa pasión común por la vida se desbordará en un espectáculo llamado ..

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