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The stamina of a ballet dancer can be measured in a few minutes of high leaps and multiple pirouettes. That of an artistic director, to make a mark, must cover years of jumping over organizational hurdles and staying focused throughout turns of taste. About to celebrate its 20th anniversary, the International Ballet Festival of Miami has shown holding power of both kinds. At the helm ..

In Andalucía, Spain’s southernmost region and the birthplace of flamenco, during the dog days of summer the sun doesn’t go down until after 10:00 p.m., and it’s only then that any self-respecting flamenco festival kicks into gear. The beer and wine flow, kids play in the dirt aisles between sets and the singers, like vampires, only stop with the first light of morning. It was with a p..

On a spring night at Wynwood Walls two years ago, the air turned compliantly invigorating as a crowd of Miami City Ballet devotees, animated as if by South Florida prescription, strode about toasting to a successful performance season. What made this gathering special beyond our local predilection for partying, however, was a dance presentation by Miami City Ballet corps member Adriana Pierce...

On August 20-22nd, the Ifé Ilé Afro-Cuban Dance Festival returns to Miami for its 17th year. Annually, the festival offers workshops, panel discussions and performances of Cuban dance and music, led by visiting artists and masters in the field. The 2015 festival is super-charged due to an infusion of funding and assistance from the Knight Foundation, the African Heritage Cultural Arts Ce..

Midway between Lisbon and San Francisco, Florida is the perfect destination to celebrate a new tropical dance from the former Portuguese colonies in Africa. That’s why a group of kizomba enthusiasts from far-flung locations set their sites on Miami Beach. “We thought we would bring the U.S. and Europe together,” explains Yair, a Haitian-born dancer who spoke to Artburst from San Francisco,..

As programs like the recent Dance USA conference continue to shine a spotlight on Miami’s flourishing dance community, choreographers are constantly looking for new ways to finance and get their work seen. Programs like Miami Light Project’s pioneering Here & Now commissioning series and Miami Theater Center’s Sand Box Series have proven that directly supporting generative artists is a key..

The following concludes a three-part interview Artburst conducted with Miami City Ballet dancer Rebecca King, on social media’s effects on the world of ballet. Artburst: Paloma Herrera in a May 2015 interview with Dance Magazine gave as one of her three reasons for retiring from American Ballet Theater, “feeling kind of like a dinosaur regarding the social media frenzy that now shapes ball..

The following is the second excerpt of a three-part interview Artburst conducted with Miami City Ballet dancer Rebecca King, on social media’s effects on the world of ballet. (Part I: ()). Artburst: In an interview with Jessica Wallis at” DIYdancer” (6/24/2013), you said that you cons..

We all feel it -- that compulsive inner imperative to respond to multiple streams of instant messages, 5+ email accounts, Twitter feeds, Facebook updates, LinkedIn prompts -- social media demands form a part-time job that, for many of us, has become an essential part of living and working. And the world of ballet is no exception. As recently as May 2015, Paloma Herrera, principal bal..

Gary and Karen Knofflock flew more than 8,000 miles from their home in Blenheim, New Zealand, to dance at the Miami Salsa Congress this year. It was the couple’s first trip to Miami, yet they already knew all of the moves taught at the Salsa Lovers Saturday afternoon workshop. “We learned from the Salsa Lovers’ DVD,” Gary Knofflock reveals. He and his wife were part of a group of eight Kiw..

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Miami as a hub for the animation industry? Mauricio Ferrazza thinks so, which is why the Aug. 21 grand opening of Miami Dade College’s Miami Animation & Gaming International Complex (M.A.G.I.C.) on the college’s Wolfson campus is a turning point. When 80 students begin classes as M.A.G.I.C. officially opens on Aug. 24, they’ll be enrolled in an associate of science degree program tha..

Nicole Yarling has found her niche. A veteran singer, instrumentalist, and music educator, she spotted a weakness in South Florida’s system of training jazz musicians and proceeded to fill it. Her realization came a couple of years ago during a Jazz Encounters event at radio station WDNA. The series features established artists in performance followed by jam sessions. Yarling recalls b..

Symphony of the Americas’ James Brooks-Bruzzese, artistic director and conductor, packs up his baton, a few of his best players, and a European orchestra and takes classical music “to the people” of Florida. The three-week annual Summerfest is at its peak when the Sunshine State is in the midst of an annual classical drought. “The idea behind Summerfest isn’t just to expose audiences..

The Coral Gables Congregational United Church of Christ presents jazz and classical music in a summer-long concert series, now in its 30th season. Performances take place alternate Thursdays in the historic church’s sanctuary. On July 16, classical star Awadagin Pratt returns. Mark Hart, executive and artistic director of the church’s community arts program, said he enjoys introducing audien..

The career of Puerto Rican pianist, composer, and arranger Jose Negroni exemplifies the predicament -- and options -- of the musician of the 21st Century. The impact of new technologies in the music business, which among other things brought about the collapse of the old structures, has opened unexpected possibilities but also poses great challenges. Being an excellent instrumentalist or a..

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El éxodo del Mariel (1980) fue uno de los capítulos más dramáticos en la historia del exilio cubano, inesperada crisis migratoria para los Estados Unidos, y desafío de proporciones colosales para el sur de la Florida. Con el pasar del tiempo, es fácil olvidar y caer en la complacencia. Por ello, muchos cubanos como Neri Torres ( consideran imprescind..

La fórmula de Micro Teatro Miami es elegantemente sencilla: Teatro en pequeñas porciones, puestas en escena ingeniosas, y actores conocidos, presentados en un ambiente íntimo a precios razonables. El resultado ha sido uno de los éxitos más inesperados y duraderos en la escena cultural del sur de la Florida. Usando como salas de teatro siete contenedores estratégicamente ubicados en l..

El pianista, compositor y arreglista puertorriqueño José Negroni es un prototipo del músico del siglo XXI. El impacto de las nuevas tecnologías, incluyendo el desguace de las viejas estructuras de la industria de la música, ha abierto nuevas posibilidades pero también grandes desafíos. Ser excelente tocando un instrumento, o ser un compositor capaz es, más que nunca, sólo parte de los re..

Suena a desafío. Conjugar una obra literaria austera y trágica con una expresión musical y bailable de gran riqueza y pasión, buscando unirlas de manera coherente y emotiva. El reto, sin embargo, no detuvo a llisa Rosal, directora artística del Ballet Flamenco La Rosa, compañía de danza de proyección internacional que ella fundara en Miami en 1985 y que se ha dedicado a promover el f..

Bajo agua. Así se estima quedará Miami Beach a fines de siglo si no se toman medidas drásticas. De ahí que la organización artística sin fines de lucro FUNDarte y el grupo activista sobre sustentabilidad de vida Earth Learning (, hayan tomado la iniciativa de compartir con el público la urgencia de los problemas ecológicos que afectan la región mediante un evento..

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