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This week Tigertail Productions presents its second ScreenDance Miami festival, which will highlight mostly local choreographers and filmmakers who are working with movement and dance on film, and dance on camera. Many dance makers are experienced with using video and film to record and preserve dance compositions and performances, or to use video and film as a notation tool to restage a p..

When dancing in tandem with the elements, anything can happen, which is part of the beauty of The National Water Dance Project’s site-specific performance on Saturday, taking place on the sand and on the edge of the water in North Beach. “The sand, the water, affects the way the body moves,” says Miami choreographer Dale Andree, whose National Water Dance Project last Ap..

For the second year, South Florida cultural powerhouse Tigertail Productions presents ScreenDance Miami, a unique film festival that celebrates and showcases dance on film. Led by festival director, dancer/choreographer and filmmaker, Marissa Nick, this year’s program expands to include new venues and programming, which aims to increase their attendance beyond traditional dance audie..

An Alonzo King dance is almost unimaginable without facility of movement, those forcefully shifting patterns of gorgeous bodies that make for a seductive surface. Yet what gives greater value to the program this San Francisco-based choreographer’s “LINES Ballet” is bringing to the South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center this weekend is its depth and range of vision. The feature..

In its second program of the season, Miami City Ballet urged audiences to “Hear the Dance.” And, indeed, when the company opened at the Arsht Center last Friday, this band of dancers upheld harmony, staying in fine pitch as resonant as any musical passage from the orchestra or soundtrack. Choreographic quality came guaranteed, with forays into Balanchine, Paul Taylor and Twyla ..

The best choreographers are prodigious ministers, sealing holy unions between movement and sound. To great effect, Balanchine made it his gospel to “see the music, hear the dance,” the inspiration for Miami City Ballet’s second program of the season, which kicks off this Friday. MCB’s offerings are diverse while representing three master choreographers at a peak of ..

Long before Internet porn disrupted his business model, Hugh Hefner held court in the Miami Grand Theater, the centerpiece of his Playboy Plaza, nestled in the Castle Beach Resort on Miami Beach. On December 3 and 4, the same theater served as the kitsch stage for Ryan McNamara’s latest performance piece, MEƎM 4 Miami: A Story Ballet About the Internet. In MEƎM McNamara translates th..

Most performers will agree that a show never really feels like it is complete until close to the closing night of a run. This sentiment was true for Teo Castellanos when he premiered Fat Boy at Miami Light Project’s Light Box at Goldman Warehouse in 2011. He’s back with a tweaked, revised version this week at the Arsht Center for the Performing Arts. Set to a soundtrack by DJ l..

Letty Bassart is an artist who has pursued two great passions: the written word and movement. She describes her work as non linear, containing a “web of plot lines where independent stories are inserted into the whole…a collective letter uttered into the audience’s ear. Deriving at each final letter involves beginning, tearing, and burning many letters that are never seen.&r..

Towering almost humbly like an old relic just across the street from the flashy American Airlines Arena and its rocking road shows, the historic Freedom Tower put on her best dress, lit from one end to the other in a fiery orange-red. While off the beaten path of other Art Basel or Art Miami venues, the Old Dame saved her secrets for those who dared to try something a little different on Satur..

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There seemed to be more empty seats than usual last Saturday night at the Arsht Center, when Florida Grand Opera unveiled its colorful new take on Mozart’s Così fan tutte. Those who were there, however, imbibed the opera’s high spirits and smiled and giggled the night away. The widest smile belonged to Maestro Ramón Tebar, who conducted from the harpsichord as he ..

Like few other rivers, the Nile, considered the world’s longest, has captured humankind’s imagination from antiquity to today -- a source of life and inspiration, but of conflict as well. Just ask the men and women who integrate the group of performers, educators, and activists known as The Nile Project ( The music that springs from the river’s..

In 1981, French director Bernard Uzan was asked by the now defunct Opera Company of Boston to direct the dialogue parts of Gounod’s Faust. “I had never been to an opera in my life,” he says in a recent interview. Inexperience in the discipline notwithstanding, Uzan was upgraded to direct the entire opera. Since then, the veteran director of theater, film, and television h..

We’ll never know what Mr. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart would’ve made of Ms. Kelly Clarkson, but the first movement of “A Little Night Music” flowing into Clarkson’s “Since You've Been Gone” certainly makes for a startling mash-up ( Welcome to the world of Well-Strung, a singing string quartet with the looks o..

The Miami Beach Jazz Fest has attracted an impressive array of artists to South Florida in just its second year. The festival, which features a series of performances in the area as well as a student competition, culminates on Saturday, Jan. 10 with stars including Bucky Pizzarelli on guitar, bassist Rufus Reid and piano player Monty Alexander. “The goal was to program a lineup that ..

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Al mirar el calendario de espectáculos de esta temporada, uno podría decir que Miami está experimentando un verdadero furor por todo lo español, especialmente el flamenco. No es la primera vez, en los años 80, por ejemplo, hubo tantos tablaos aquí como en muchas ciudades de España, con artistas locales y otros, inclusive algunos de tanto renombr..

La inspiración puede venir de cualquier lado. Y en el caso de Sorolla, la puesta en escena que presenta el Ballet Nacional de España desde este jueves 6 y hasta el 9 en el Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts de Miami, llega de la pintura. Específicamente, de las obras de arte que uno de los más consagrados pintores españoles, Joaquín Soro..

Ser amante del tango conlleva sentir la pasión, los quebrantos, y la nostalgia del amor. Por eso este baile y su música nunca pasan de moda. Y de la mano -- y pies -- de jóvenes talentos como Marcos Ayala, el género se revigoriza. Ayala es el director artístico, primer bailarín, y coreógrafo del espectáculo “Tango Lovers”,..

La fusión puede sonar algo inusitada al principio: música soul y góspel con flamenco. Pero, al escuchar con detenimiento, se descubren elementos comunes. Todos estos géneros poseen gran sentimiento, alma, y letras que calan hondo. Luego de integrados, por supuesto, hace falta una voz que pueda cantarlos todos. Y esa voz es la de Pitingo. El sábado 27 ..

Al director y actor teatral José Manuel Domínguez no le interesa que lo consideren héroe por el hecho de que es invidente. Domínguez, en vez, se siente más cómodo de la descripción del antihéroe, o aquél que puede realizar acciones consideradas heroicas, pero sin tener los atributos del héroe tradicional. Esa filosof..

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