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Like with so many others that have come to Miami from somewhere else, the lives of three specific local artists are part of the story of this city. A story sometimes as fugacious as the waves that wash whatever is written in sand. That’s why Cuban actress Mabel Roch, Brazilian dancer and choreographer Lucia Aratanha, and Haitian singer and musician Inez Barlatier are Writing in Sand/..

Music and spoken word are the traditional bedfellows of radio. When one listens to these art forms, it’s generally the imagination that must create a visual aid to the aural story. Dance in its highly visual nature, is not usually associated with a radio program. Until now. Presented by MDC Live Arts on Sunday as the opening night of the Miami Book Fair International, Three Acts,..

TU Dance, a 12-member dance company, will be performing for one night only on Saturday at the South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center. It’s a highly collaborative dance initiative, a company that routinely mixes up the idioms of classical ballet, African dance, modern dance and urban vernacular. Perhaps not surprising then, TU Dance is the child of two Alvin Ailey veterans, Uri Sands and T..

Nothing beats a live dance performance by Batsheva Dance Company. On the first stop of their U.S. tour, they performed Deca Dance in Miami, on Saturday, October 25th at the Arscht Center for Performing Arts. It was glorious to see a full company of 16 dancers eat the space around them in constant fluid motion. It is not often you get to see a contemporary company with so many bodies on stage. ..

The 2014-2015 dance season promises much, and it began with a very big promise. John Cranko’s immortal Romeo and Juliet returned to the Miami City Ballet repertory Oct. 17 at the Arsht Center, with the exquisite pairing of Carlos Miguel Guerra and Jennifer Kronenberg as Shakespeare’s tragic lovers. Other exciting pairings are ahead as the ballet’s run continues through Oct. 2..

It’s that time of the year again. South Florida’s dance scene is revving up and the annual Daniel Lewis Miami Dance Sampler returns once more to give the community a glimpse into just how varied and rich an array of dancing is available to us to choose from this season. The sampling includes mini-performances of eight minutes or less from nine South Florida based professional d..

Bright red rouge, prowling hungry looks, split crotch red dresses, enough fish net stocking to outfit a trawler. No, not the latest installment of the Twilight series but the most recent Broadway tango show, Tango Lovers, to swing through South Florida. Halloween may be just around the corner but every local tango teacher remembers nightmare moments on learning the touring schedule of Broa..

Lineage matters in ballet, preserving those fine points of technique and interpretation that only a previous generation can pass on to the next. As artistic director of Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida, Siberian-born Vladimir Issaev has been able to count on pedigree while preparing “Tribute to Diaghilev,” his 17-year-old company’s first program of the season. Moscow-trained b..

Mexican poet and essayist Octavio Paz called the triangle “a figure in which the animal and the divine converge.” The new solo piece from award-winning writer and performer Teo Castellanos Third Trinity is rife with the power of three -- three brothers, three decades and 23 characters. Commissioned by Miami Light Project and directed by playwright, actor and MacArthur “Ge..

The time is the 1930s. The place is the wintery mountains of the Alps. You are part of a journalism team investigating a promising lead. BAM! Attack! Your lead is gone -- but a bigger story is looming. You’re trapped! Now you are on the run, the literal fate of the planet on your shoulders as you race around the globe, and solar system, trying to stop an alien invasion of epic proportion..

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Casually dressed and bursting with anticipation, a youthful audience gathered at the Arsht Center for the Performing Arts last Saturday night for Florida Grand Opera’s 2014-15 season opener, Puccini’s irresistible lure Madama Butterfly. Based on a play by David Belasco, Butterfly tells the story about a teenage geisha named Cio-Cio San who marries an American naval officer in e..

Miloš Karadaglić makes his guitar sound like a cool glass of prosecco. The notes come out as clean and crisp as the bubbly liquid chasing after its cork. “It’s no accident that the guitar is the most popular instrument in the world,” he boasts all the way from Italy in a recent phone interview. “It’s so organic, the way you create the sound and it resonates..

Pamela Z has been performing solo voice concerts for over three decades, but she rarely sounds alone on stage. Instead, she creates a rich multimedia experience using electronics to multiply her voice and trigger sampled sounds and video. Although the term “processed voice” applies -- much as it does for artists like Laurie Anderson or Reggie Watts -- her approach tends to favor la..

Richard Nixon once said that “no event in American history is more misunderstood than the Vietnam War. It was misreported then, and it is misremembered now.” A sensical statement at first glance, except for the part about misremembering. Images and documents notwithstanding, how could a soldier, or his family, misremember such an experience? Cuban-born classical guitarist Jos&e..

While pursuing an electrical engineering degree in his native Uruguay, Martín Nusspaumer lived across the street from the Municipal Music School of Montevideo. One day he made the short trip to the school and asked if voice lessons were available, and just a year later he found himself singing the lead tenor role in Rossini’s Il Signor Bruschino, with the Uruguay National Symphony..

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Al mirar el calendario de espectáculos de esta temporada, uno podría decir que Miami está experimentando un verdadero furor por todo lo español, especialmente el flamenco. No es la primera vez, en los años 80, por ejemplo, hubo tantos tablaos aquí como en muchas ciudades de España, con artistas locales y otros, inclusive algunos de tanto renombr..

La inspiración puede venir de cualquier lado. Y en el caso de Sorolla, la puesta en escena que presenta el Ballet Nacional de España desde este jueves 6 y hasta el 9 en el Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts de Miami, llega de la pintura. Específicamente, de las obras de arte que uno de los más consagrados pintores españoles, Joaquín Soro..

Ser amante del tango conlleva sentir la pasión, los quebrantos, y la nostalgia del amor. Por eso este baile y su música nunca pasan de moda. Y de la mano -- y pies -- de jóvenes talentos como Marcos Ayala, el género se revigoriza. Ayala es el director artístico, primer bailarín, y coreógrafo del espectáculo “Tango Lovers”,..

La fusión puede sonar algo inusitada al principio: música soul y góspel con flamenco. Pero, al escuchar con detenimiento, se descubren elementos comunes. Todos estos géneros poseen gran sentimiento, alma, y letras que calan hondo. Luego de integrados, por supuesto, hace falta una voz que pueda cantarlos todos. Y esa voz es la de Pitingo. El sábado 27 ..

Al director y actor teatral José Manuel Domínguez no le interesa que lo consideren héroe por el hecho de que es invidente. Domínguez, en vez, se siente más cómodo de la descripción del antihéroe, o aquél que puede realizar acciones consideradas heroicas, pero sin tener los atributos del héroe tradicional. Esa filosof..

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