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“I’ve got one foot in Miami and one foot in the Caribbean,” says Neri Torres, the founder and director of the Ifé-Ilé Dance Company, which will be hosting its 16th annual Ifé-Ilé Afro-Cuban Dance Festival from Thursday through Saturday. This is true for her culturally, as a Cuban artist living in Miami who is intent on keeping Cuban traditions aliv..

It’s 10:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning and 12 artists are being led through a warm up by New York-based theater artist Baba Israel. They reply to his command with twists and bends, finding complimentary motion in a partner across the room. An organic call erupts from one, and the others answer in response. Such is the process during MDC Live Arts second annual month-long Live Arts La..

There were many ‘cruising’ spaces in Miami in the 1980s, essentially places gay men could go for anonymous sex. Some will remember Thirteen Buttons in Hialeah and The Hole on Bird Road, along with the legendary bath house on Coral Way, and the public bathroom in Burdines in Westland Mall. Each of these places allowed gay men to enjoy sensuality without the shame, fear, or secretive..

Cultivating the next generations of arts supporters is a big job, where competition for young peoples’ time and attention comes from school, part time jobs, sports, friends and in South Florida, all that abundant outdoor sunshine and beaches. Which is why Miami Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs’ started Culture Shock Miami, the10-year-old program dedicated to offering coun..

This past weekend, H2Ombre opened in Miami with a literal splash. Developed first for the Arsht Center, and soon to tour internationally, H2Ombre is an immersive multi-media spectacle that brings audiences right in, around, and underneath the action. Light summer fare for everybody, it is fun to watch and easy to like. The Arsht Center team was heavily involved in the realization of H2Ombr..

The 29th season of the International Hispanic Theatre Festival (IHTF) of Miami, which runs from July 10 through 27, showcases leading theater companies from across Latin America, Spain, and the United States. This year, the festival honors Argentina. It also features one Argentina's most celebrated writers and theater companies -- the eponymous Cibrián-Mahler Company, whose play opens t..

In its fifth year of Out in the Tropics -- a performing art series that highlights contemporary GLBT artists and their work in poetry, dance, and theater -- FUNDarte invited back San Francisco-based Sean Dorsey Dance to unveil new work, Uncovered: The Diary Project. Two years ago, Dorsey and company performed the intriguing The Secret History of Love, the untold stories of gay love, from the p..

The past and future of dance met when Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami, under Pedro Pablo Peña’s direction, paid tribute to early 20th-century impresario Serge Diaghilev’s “Ballets Russes,” introducing seven newcomers to our city, young defectors from Ballet Nacional de Cuba lately in the headlines. A guest appearance by San Francisco Ballet star Lorena Feij&oacut..

On a recent afternoon Carlota Pradera and Lazaro Godoy both peered at the empty, black performance space and pondered the narrative of the upcoming show, Bare Bones. Neither would reveal the show’s narrative, as every aspect of the production, from the tree trunks to the natural vines used as props, will project life in its organic form. And the movement will be propelled from a visc..

Rosie Herrera learned young that a show girl is never the star of the show. As a teenager working the cabaret at the Teatro Bellas Artes in Little Havana early aughts, she posed prettily on the side of the stage, jutting out her hip to display her costume, and extending her arms to frame the featured comedian. She never forgot what if felt like to be a piece of sexy scenery. “You ha..

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Siempre Flamenco, a Miami based Flamenco arts organization, is widely recognized in town for the quality of the festivals they have presented in Miami. The organization was founded by the husband and wife team of Paco and Celia Fonta -- he is a Flamenco guitarist and singer; she is a Flamenco dancer. Their individual performances as well as their classes have won the organization even more sup..

There is a picture of soprano Nathalie Avila singing and holding a guitar when she was two, or perhaps three years old. She had not yet left her birthplace of Havana for Miami, where her parents were medical students. “I remember smells, like of dew, and some colors,” she says in a recent interview in Miami. “I have pictures that my parents were able to bring with them. Most ..

As people rushed back to their seats after intermission at the Miami-Dade County Auditorium on Aug. 2, the music splashed from the orchestra pit. But it stayed dark and the singing came not from the stage, but from the balcony. The melody was taken up by the lady in the next seat. It was “La Mazurca de las Sombrillas” (The Umbrella Mazurka), a song from the popular zarzuela Luisa F..

With their fusion of flamenco elements, jazz riffs, Middle Eastern sounds, Cuban and other Latin American rhythms, the Sultans of String seem to know how to strike the right chord. On Friday, August 8, South Florida audiences will have the opportunity to see why, as the Canadian Sultans make their Florida debut with a show at the South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center (SMDCAC), as part of its C..

Popular music serves many functions, perhaps none more important than telling the story of the people who create it. It’s right there, hidden in plain sight. It’s in the lyrics and the rhythms, but also in the dance steps, in the instruments used, even in the choice of place where we gather to listen and dance. American Sabor: Latinos in U.S. Popular Music, an exhibit develope..

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En el lenguaje yoruba, la palabra “ilé” significa casa, y eso es justo lo que ha sido en los Estados Unidos el sur de la Florida para la cultura, la danza, la música y las tradiciones afrocubanas. Desde hace casi dos décadas ya, ese rico legado es el que promueve la coreógrafa y académica cubana Neri Torres a través de su organizaci&oac..

De la rumba a reggaetón, del tango, el mambo y la bossa nova al hip hop, por más de cien años, la música latina, ha sido la influencia foránea más importante en la música popular de los Estados Unidos. Su impacto se ha sentido desde la canción popular y el rock´n roll al R&B y el jazz. American Sabor: Latinos in U.S. Popular..

Out in the Tropics, el festival celebrado en Miami dedicado a artistas y temática GLBTQ ( las siglas en inglés de Gay, Lesbiana, Bisexual, Transgénero, Queer), en su quinta edición presenta a los poetas Neil de la Flor (de la Flor es también colaborador de Artburst) y Carlos Pintado, la Sean Dorsey Dance Company de San Francisco y el bailaor flamenco Juan Car..

Llevarlo todo a su mínima expresión. Depurar, limpiar, reducir hasta llegar al hueso. Así buscan comunicarse a través de la danza y de la música Carlota Pradera y Lázaro Godoy en su nueva pieza experimental, Bare Bones. Bare Bones, con estreno pautado para el 13 de junio (y en cartelera hasta el 28 del mes) es parte de la serie SandBox que iniciar..

Todo eso que suena a cliché sobre los hispanos -- que si son apasionados, tienen ritmo, y destilan sensualidad -- perfectamente podría aplicarse a los bailarines de Ballet Hispánico. Y no hay nada malo en ello. Por el contrario. Porque sus bailarines sí son apasionados en escena, sobresalen como virtuosos del ritmo, y sus movimientos seducen por lo sensuales qu..

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