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Jonel Juste is a journalist, poet and short story writer. He has been a journalist for over 15 years having worked in both Haiti and the United States for newspapers and magazines such as Vues d'Haïti, Le Matin, HPN, Le Nouvelliste, Le Floridien, Miami Times. He made his debut in literature at a very young age at the Juștin Lhérisson Library in Carrefour (Haiti). He was one of the hosts of the Atelier de Création Marcel Gilbert. He has already published nearly ten books of poetry, short stories and essays such as "Joseph Prince of Egypt", "Trois fois passe là" (short stories), "Solèy, Solèy" (Poetry), "The Watch" (short stories), "I loved you before I knew your name" (Poetry), "Haitian Hip Hop: From Top to Bottom" (Essay). For more, please visit: joneljuste.com

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