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Botanical art installations by landscape designers enhance Lincoln Road

Written By Jonel Juste
December 20, 2023 at 4:44 PM

Orchids on Lincoln Road in Living Art Festival, a botanical art installation through April 30 in Miami Beach. (Photo courtesy of The Dana Agency)

Art is everywhere including in nature. Case in point, the Living Art Festival on Miami Beach, a botanical art installation, that fuses natural elements with artistic creativity.

The festival was initiated by the Lincoln Road Business Improvement District (BID) in collaboration with the city of Miami Beach and five local landscape designers: The Miami Beach Botanical Garden, the Miami Beach Garden Club, Habitat, ULU Studio, L&ND Design, and Urban Robot Associates.

The installation by Urban Robot Associates at the Living Art Festival on Lincoln Road. (Photo courtesy of The Dana Agency)

Through April 30, 2024, the work of Living Art creators will be exhibited in redesigned landscape planters along Lincoln Road, spanning from Meridian to Washington avenues, particularly between the 400 and 700 blocks.

Lyle Stern, president of the Lincoln Road BID, says that the initiative draws inspiration from international botanical festivals such as the International Garden Festival in Quebec and the Festival des Jardins de la Côte d’Azur in France.

“Each designer (brought) their creative vision to life, enhancing existing planters with custom designs centered around flowers, plants, art, and ground coverings. The goal was to engage and partner with Miami Beach-based landscape architects and the Miami Beach Botanical Garden to expand on the lush landscaping on Lincoln Road and create engaging moments,” says Stern.

Ben Noyes, showcasing his work at 690 Euclid in collaboration with Overland Landscape and Plant the Future, emphasizes that the design not only offers visual stimuli but also engages the senses of hearing, smell, touch, and taste. The inclusivity takes into consideration individuals with sensory disabilities, providing various ways to experience the design.

“We thought about how most landscapes are typically experienced visually and really wanted this to be a space that evokes all the senses,” says Noyes.

Ben Noyes from HABITAT with his botanical art  installation. (Photo courtesy of HABITAT)

Noyes further connects the project to the concept of biophilic design, highlighting the inherent fusion of nature and art and the human connection with nature. The aim is to encourage an immersive experience that engages all the senses in appreciating both art and nature, he says.

Urban Robot Associates is showcasing “Butterfly Wishes,” which repurposes living plants as sculpture, emphasizing their significance and offering a novel perspective on nature. Justine Velez describes the exhibit as “interactive and immersive,” allowing viewers to admire, touch, move, listen, sit, speak, and even inhabit the space.

ULU Studio, a boutique landscape architecture studio, whose work is in outdoor spaces for urban parks, and L&ND Design, an environmental planning and landscape designer, updated the planters on the 700 block of Lincoln Road in collaboration with Overland Landscape and Orchidscapes for the installation.

Beehives, inspired by wild bees, were fabricated using burlap and organic lime-based paint in Miami Beach Botanical Garden and Miami Beach Garden Club’s Living Arts installation. (Photo courtesy of  Lincoln Road BID)

The Miami Beach Botanical Garden joined forces with the Miami Beach Garden Club to reimagine the 600 block of Lincoln Road, which they turned into a Pollinator Pathway.

“We curated a garden with plants capable of supporting pollinators in a challenging urban environment, ” says Derwyn Cowdy of the Miami Beach Botanical Garden. “The organic materials used on the project warmly echo the inherent message. Lincoln Road is a unique shopping experience alongside historic architecture and a botanical garden. Our living art exhibit offers an immersive and educational addition.”

The botanical art was activated on Dec. 12.

Lyle Stern, president of the Lincoln Road Business Improvement District (BID) at the opening of the Living Art Festival. (Photo courtesy of Lincoln Road BID)

“Within a few months, each of these exhibits will have bloomed, transforming Lincoln Road into a flowering, living art garden,” says Stern.

He predicts plans for the future of the Living Arts Festival.

“Our goal is to grow this exhibit yearly and make it among the go-to immersive botanical exhibits in the world. Given the density of the base we start with (all of Lincoln Road’s plants and trees) – we start from a strong position,” says Stern.

WHAT:  Living Art Festival

WHERE: Lincoln Road, from Meridian to Washington, between 400 and 700 blocks, Miami Beach

 WHEN:   Through April 30, 2024

COST:  Free

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