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Growing up in Miami, Gina has seen this beautiful vibrant city flourish into what it is today. She began her career in public relations and marketing working for a boutique-style public relations agency in downtown Miami. When the opportunity to grow presented itself, Gina moved to Houston as the fashion writer for Foley’s, the hometown store. After moving back to Miami, she joined Marriott’s Vacation Club in their marketing department. As an entrepreneur, Gina helps her clients connect with their customers by creating persuasive and engaging copy. She has published articles in the inDoral and inWeston magazines and is the writer and editor of the E-newsletter for the local non-profit, The Gloria M. Silver Foundation 501(c)3, A Safe Haven for Newborns.

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Together, The Education Fund and Ocean Bank innovate to support the millions of students in the third-largest school district in the country.


Founded to address the needs of individuals with Down Syndrome, MLE has expanded to cover all exceptionalities. “Foremost, MLE is a school providing the same experiences for their students that students would experience at any school,” said Kevin Grace, Executive Director at MLE.

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