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Written By Jonel Juste

North Miami Community Redevelopment Agency is dedicated to beautifying North Miami's downtown, transforming the main corridors of the City of North Miami.

Fountainhead Arts sets sail with Windstar ...

Written By Jonel Juste

Fountainhead Arts and Windstar Cruises provide cultural experiences for artists and luxury cruise patrons on the high seas.

Miami International Ballet Competition ret...

Written By Josie Gulliksen

The Miami International Ballet Competition returns to the stage Jan. 25-29 and Co-Founders Vladimir Issaev and Yanis Pikieris couldn’t be happier.

Patent Pro Bono Florida Helps Independent ...

Written By Gina Perez

USPTO Patent Pro Bono provides vital resources to new inventors, with a goal to provide the best patent protection possible.

GableStage expands educational programming

Written By Josie Gulliksen

With the support of new funding and a new team, GableStage puts education center-stage.

Oolite Offers Affordable Art with Shares P...

Written By Sergy Odiduro

Oolite Arts Shares program gives artists, "the time, space and money to continue [their] practice.”

Haitian Freedom Soup Served in North Miami...

Written By Sergy Odiduro

Celebrate the New Year with a rich Haitian Tradition of Freedom Soup and Champagne, infused with French, Lebanese, and Caribbean undertones.

Robotics Develop Mosaics as part of Miami&...

Written By Jonel Juste

Mosaic murals have long been part of Miami' cultural tradition, and these artists add AI-developed mosaics to the city's vibrant visual landscape.

Gladys Ramirez new Executive Director at C...

Written By Josie Gulliksen

New City Theatre Director Gladys Ramirez has big shoes to fill, and a Latina community to inspire.