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Eddie Palmieri Brings His ‘Wisdom’ to Miami’s Olympia Theater

By Deborah Ramírez Over his renowned career, Eddie Palmieri has evolved from rebel Mambo King to wise sage of salsa.

CULTURE SHOCK MIAMI Presents The YOU Review: Adam Trent – A New G...

ADAM TRENT, one of the fastest rising stars in the world of Illusion, came to the South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts

Chucho Valdés’ Solo Piano Stars in New Cuban Film

Esteban, the debut of Cuban director Jonal Cosculluela being premiered at The Miami Light Project tells the story of a

‘Nufonia Must Fall’ Breaks Boundaries Between Film, Live Performa...

Imagine animation created live on stage, with mini backdrops, puppets, and low-tech props. Channel it through multiple cameras and mix

Sonia Braga Returns to the Screen in ‘Aquarius’

Kleber Mendonça Filho’s Aquarius (2016) is a masterful and engaging film exploring the dilemma of a singularly strong-willed, exceedingly attractive

Mad Cats’s ‘Why Not?’ A Wild Election Ride

The devolution of discourse in the current presidential race is, duh, obvious to anyone with a TV or internet access.

Third Horizon Focus on Caribbean Film

Jason Fitzroy Jeffers has made a mark on Miami in more than one arena. He began as a journalist, writing

Profile: Jason Fitzroy Jeffers and the Caribbean Film Festival

  Miami-based Jason Fitzroy Jeffers has cut a complex path for his life. He describes himself first as a writer.

On With the Show: Hispanic Theater Festival Hits 31-Year Mark

For the last three decades Mario Ernesto Sánchez, founder and artistic director of the International Hispanic Theatre Festival of Miami,

WATER Fest ‘Covalent Bond’ Preview: Interview with Barron Sherer

  All known basic elements in our physical universe have their own set of atomic properties, such as an atomic