Bizarre Bazaar at the Stage

Written By ArtBurst Team
May 14, 2016 at 6:57 PM

Coming up on November 3rd, the Stage Miami will host the Global Bizarre Bazaar, a multicultural performance event presented by the Mideastern Dance Exchange. Founded in 1990 by Tamalyn Dallal, the organization has served as a hub of dance and culture centered on bellydance. Tiffany “hanan” Madera, one of Miami’s longstanding bellydance artists (and Artburst contributor), now serves as director. Recently returned from a year-long program in Performance Studies at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, Madera brings new perspective and fresh energy to her work. An optimistic enthusiasm is evident in the Bizarre Bazaar’s programming. Madera is herself the daughter of multiple cultures — she describes herself as “Afro-Chinese Cuban with a Moroccan twist.” Over the course of her career, she has used dance as a means to address cultural misunderstanding and social injustice. Her Dance Empowerment Project was created for survivors of sexual abuse, and the Habibi Trilogy employed the languages of bellydance and hip hop for an interdisciplinary theater and outreach project. For the Bizarre Bazaar, some of the city’s best performers have been assembled, representing traditions around the world. According to Madera, the combination of artists and styles “reflects social justice, community empowerment, philanthropy, education, open borders, fusion and plurality.” Dance and performance are clearly serving here as a language for common understanding, a way for both audience and performers to open to the perspectives of other cultures. keeping with the theme of the bazaar, this event promises to evoke the clashing sounds and colors that animate outdoor markets around the world. The event will be held at the Stage’s open-air space as the sun goes down. Performances will be given by Anaizh, Aireen, Alexandra of Bellymotions, Alicia of Bellycraft, Celeste Fraser Delgado, Francesca Sahar, Monika with Echoes of Hawaii, Marisol Blanco and Dancers, Mr. Lucky Bruno, Mecca aka Grimo, Summer Hill Seven, Zizi Zabaneh and others. While the program is clearly rooted in Middle Eastern performance, a good half of these performers represent African Diaspora culture, including Cuban, Haitian, and Afro-American. The diversity of the group is impressive and inclusive, with a wide range of music and spoken word. The evening’s schedule will be capped off by Madera herself, under the stage name hanan. She will be accompanied by musical group Harmonic Motion, featuring Elias Kilzi and Mostafa Makki. During this final bellydance performance, you’ll have the opportunity not only to see hanan in action, but also to hear rare sounds, including kanoun, a shimmering zither-type instrument, and oud, a stringed instrument whose sound is sometimes compared to the human voice. Harmonic Motion has been dedicated to Middle Eastern music for years, not only performing but also teaching classes in oud, hand drums, and dance. In fact, many of the other performers in the program are also teachers. For those in the audience who are sparked by the performances, the Global Bizarre Bazaar may well be an invitation to a new and expanded creative world. The Mideastern Dance Exchange’s “Global Bizarre Bazaar” takes place on Nov. 3, from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m., at The Stage Miami 170 NE 38 Street Miami Design District; cost is $20. Photo #1: Mecca aka Grimo Photo #2: hanan

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