Tuition-Free: The Opera Adventures Program 2024

Written By Shanieya Harris
March 5, 2024 at 5:59 PM

The Opera Atelier Opera Adventures Production of ‘The not So Little Prince’ from 2019. Photo credit Javier Fontanella.

The Opera Atelier Opera Adventures Program offers children the opportunity to explore the enchanting world of opera, voice, violin, piano, and more—all tuition-free. With classes now in session, parents can enroll their children in a unique educational opportunity.

The Opera Adventures Program commits to providing children with access to quality musical education, regardless of their background or financial means. Jacqueline Solorzano, Executive Director of The Opera Atelier says, “Our mission is to see more opera musicians in the future that are from Miami not only from Italy or New York. The idea is to one day hear the upcoming artist say, ‘Yes, I am a musician born in Miami, taught in Miami, and sharing Miami.'”

The Opera Atelier Opera Adventures Production of ‘The not So Little Prince’ in 2019. Photo credit Javier Fontanella.

One of the hallmarks of the Opera Adventures Program is its diverse curriculum. Solorzano says, “Another thing is that in this opera program, the child is learning languages. Opera can be found in many languages like Spanish, Italian, German, or French. The children run to learn another language. It’s nice because it is helping the children as persons in a multicultural community.”

They are working to empower young voices.

“Come with us on this opera adventure to enjoy and let’s all learn about this beautiful art,” invites Jorge Arcila, Artistic Director of the program. “The kids have been discovering their opportunities and their chance to do beautiful and important music. They are very talented students, and they also want to come back.”

“Parents are also a very important part of the process in this adventure,” adds Xiomara Ponce, Art Coach Director. “We are opening doors for the parents to be hands-on with their child’s passion for music.”

“It’s not easy to play music. Sometimes it can be a little difficult,” shares Solorzano while explaining the importance of parental involvement. “We always hear parents telling their children to play the instrument well and to do good. I like to take the violin and put it in their parent’s arm then say, ‘Now you do it.’ to which they respond, ‘What? I cannot do it.'” She giggled telling the story.

The Opera Atelier Opera Adventures Production of ‘Frau Haydn in Trouble’, 2023. Photo credit Xiomara Ponce

The Opera Adventures Program offers children the chance to embark on a musical journey of discovery, creativity, and cultural exploration—all without the burden of tuition fees. This initiative aims to empower young minds and inspire a lifelong love of music.

To learn more about the program, visit The Opera Atelier’s website at for English speakers, or for Spanish speakers. is a nonprofit source of dance, visual arts, music and performing arts news. Sign up for our newsletter and never miss a story.

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