Film Lovers: $8 tickets Through June During Miami Film Month

Posted By Josie Gulliksen
June 15, 2016 at 1:50 PM

Film Lovers: $8 tickets Through June During Miami Film Month

The Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau loves to give locals great deals so they can enjoy the best their city has to offer and for the entire
month of June the focus is on film.

During Miami Film Month film lovers can visit one of Miami’s art house cinemas and catch a great flick for just $8. Those include O-Cinema (Wynwood, Miami Shores and Miami Beach), Miami Beach Cinematheque, Tower Theater in Little Havana, Gables Cinema and Cosford Cinema in Coral Gables.

Part of the GMCVB’s very popular 15-year Miami Temptations Program, Miami Film Month began in 2012, features a different themed promotion each month and was implemented to celebrate film in Miami.

“Greater Miami and the Beaches continues to be a place of cinematic excellence and unparalleled movie experiences,” said Juliet Velazquez, media relations coordinator at the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Because Miami’s film industry continues to grow and become one of our city’s most recognized brands, “the area has become synonymous with spectacular art cinemas and unique film festivals,” said Velazquez.

Film-goers have access to discounted movie tickets by downloading a Miami Film Month pass and redeeming it for an $8 ticket across Miami’s art cinemas.

Within Miami Film Month there is also a filmmakers’ contest that was developed based on what’s hot in the destination. For this contest, aspiring amateur and pro filmmakers are asked to create a film that highlights Miami’s multicultural culinary scene.

“Filmmakers have a way of storytelling that transcends any other medium. As more and more visitors travel to Miami to experience our heritage and culinary scene, it made sense that local filmmakers could describe this culinary love affair best, ” said GMCVB President & CEO William D. Talbert, III.

Here’s what leaders from O-Cinema, Gables Cinema and Miami Beach Cinematheque had to say about participating in the program:

  • Vivian Marthell, O Cinema Co-Director: “Miami Film Month is a great way for visitors and locals alike to celebrate the rich and ever-growing film community in Miami. From the city’s seven art house cinemas, to the various film festivals and filmmakers that call Miami home — it’s a great time to be a cinephile in Miami and Miami Film Month helps us all remember it.”
  • Ben Delgado, Associate Director at Gables Cinema: “We enjoy working with the GMCVB for Miami Film Month and being a part of a community-wide celebration of film. We do notice an uptick in attendance from people who see the promotion as a good deal on a movie and may have never heard of the cinema or what we do. It presents a great opportunity to showcase some of the best films in the best format to a new audience.”
  • And Dana Keith, Founder and Director of Miami Beach Cinematheque: “We are happy to participate and we are glad that the GMCVB includes art cinema in their promotions of Miami. It is an invitation for people to discover cinema as an art-form, at a discount and that’s a good thing.”

To take advantage of the $8 tickets, which are available through June 30, you need to download the Miami Film Month pass, at

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