Film at Frost Science Combines Sounds of the Ocean With Art, Music

Written By Michelle F. Solomon
April 9, 2024 at 2:00 PM

Joshua Sam Miller is the founder of Embodied Sounds. (Photo courtesy of Sounds of the Ocean)

Since 2021, “Sounds of the Ocean: A Mindful Underwater Journey,” has been featured throughout the country and now it is in Miami for the first time in Florida at the Frost Planetarium at the Frost Science Museum in a limited showing through Wednesday, April 10.

But the good news is there are more chances to see it.

On Saturday, June 8 as part of the museum’s World Ocean Day public event “Sounds of the Ocean,” will be shown throughout the day and then will become part of the Frost Science Museum’s daily programming schedule for the summer extended hours season.

The experience connects humans with the underwater world, through sound, music, visual art, and poetry.

Joshua Sam Miller is the founder of Embodied Sounds and he explains his “Sounds of the Ocean” to the ArtsBiz Blog.

“At the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science, the audience will experience our award-winning 25-minute full dome film,” explains Miller, adding that his creation is an enchanting underwater odyssey.

“We combine the sounds of ocean life with original music, visual art and underwater imagery to guide the audience into the heart of the deep blue sea.  It is meant to help people relax and get a feeling of what it’s like to dive with these creatures on a sonic scuba dive,” he says.

The initial idea for “Sounds of the Ocean” started around 2018, just before the pandemic, explains Miller. He was in Santa Cruz, California, teaching a yoga class and helping members of the class connect with themselves through sound.

He recalls that after one class, a man walked up to him and said, “I really like your music, so would you ever like to hear some recordings of whales?”

Since 2021, “Sounds of the Ocean: A Mindful Underwater Journey,” has been featured throughout the country and now it is in Miami for the first time at the Frost Planetarium at the Frost Science Museum in a limited showing through Wednesday, April 10. (Photo courtesy of “Sounds of the Ocean)

That man was Dr. John Ryan from the Monterey Bay Aquatic Research Institute.

“This was such a special moment for me. I think we often let moments like these pass us by in life because we are either too busy or not open to try something new.  This project would not exist without the passion of Dr. John Ryan and his commitment to share whale song with people like me.  I am just grateful that I was open to check out these recordings and be introduced to the power of sound underwater.  Just recently, I had my first experience listening to whales underwater myself while scuba diving and am even more inspired to keep doing this work,” says Miller.

Miller has become known as an Ocean Music Specialist. So, what does that mean?

“To me, it means putting the ocean first.  As humans, we can have the tendency to think that we are the most important part of our ecosystem.  The truth is that we need our ocean way more than our ocean needs us.  As an Ocean Music Specialist, I prioritize this relationship when creating soundscapes and allowing my work to advocate for the rights of marine life.”

He says that he is not the only Ocean Music Specialist in the world. “I am part of a global network of musicians, scientists and artists fascinated by underwater sound.  It is an honor to be part of this community.”

There have been times that the film has been shown with live music, however, the film at the Frost will have what’s now the soundtrack.

“We include instruments like clarinet, piano, singing bowls, handpan, cello, kalimba, glasses, water drums, gongs, flute and the magical sounds of humpback whales, dolphins and the ocean,” says Miller.

While its purpose is to entertain, there is also an underlying awareness. The underwater film acts as a bit of a call to action to bring awareness of the dire conditions our oceans are in.

“We have found that there is a tremendous effect of witnessing something firsthand to catalyze action for climate change.   Our immersive experience brings the audience straight into the underwater environment and allows them to have a first person understanding of what it’s like in the deep for the whales and dolphins.  This direct connection invites a mindful approach to inspire our audience to care more about protecting this important habitat.”

The full dome film, produced and directed by Miller and Elise Lein, goes 3,000 feet beneath the ocean’s surface off of the deep waters of Monterey Bay Canyon just off the shores of northern California.

“It is an invitation to go within yourself and connect deeply with ocean life,” says Miller.

Miller wants as many people as possible to experience “Sounds of the Ocean.” For World Oceans week in the beginning of June, they are inviting premier venues and immersive art spaces around the world to show “Sounds of the Ocean.”

“We are offering a one-week license to all planetariums around the world to put ‘Sounds of the Ocean’ on their programming schedule.”

But for Miamians, the film is here, right now.

WHAT: “Sounds of the Ocean: A Mindful Underwater Journey,” 

WHEN: Various times through Wednesday, April 10

WHERE: Planetarium at the Philip and Patricia Frost Science Museum 1101 Biscayne Blvd., Miami

COST: Included with museum admission, $22.95 to $32.95, children under 3 free admission as well as museum members.

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