Faena Art Offers Virtual Arts Courses to Young Students

Written By Jonel Juste
October 23, 2020 at 8:36 PM

Alexandre Arrechea, one of the Faena Art’s Artists, teaching children before the pandemic. Photo courtesy of Faena Art

Faena District Miami Beach is offering engaging and innovative virtual Art Courses to young students 12-18 years old. Launched this fall, students now have the opportunity to participate in a range of classes led by artists of Faena Art’s Artist in Residence program.

“We are living in a time where we are challenged to stimulate the mind in ways that we haven’t explored before, so we believe that the courses by the Artists in Residence will help students express themselves and cultivate avid minds at home,” said to Nicole Comotti, director of partnerships at Faena Group. “Art helps explore one’s creativity and allows for a very personal way of expression and communication.”

The series of classes are offered live on Zoom and ultimately the artwork created by the children will be displayed in Faena District at the close of the six- to eight-week course, which is timed to when Art Basel would have been taken place.  Although Art Basel this year is canceled, kids can still make their mark when all eyes will be on Miami.

“We believe in artists and the essential role they play in our community now more than ever,” said Comotti.

These courses target families looking to enhance their children’s remote curriculums, art students looking to build their portfolio before applying to colleges or those are interested in delving further into the arts.

The inaugural program launched in July with Jamilah Sabur, Suzi Analogue, and Paperwater, who are working in-residence at Faena Forum through Nov. 30. Miami-based artist Alexandre Arrechea joined Suzi Analogue and Paperwater in expanding their residency to offer a series of unique and comprehensive art classes for children.

These are multidisciplinary artists working across music, performance and photography, offering students the opportunity of connecting with them and gain knowledge from their background and experience.

The Art Courses respond to the organization’s mission of fostering and engaging the local artistic community as well as supporting experimental art-making practices through this marked period of uncertainty, according to Faena Arts.

Children and families are invited to select the artist of their choice. Each week a new hour and a half lesson is streamed live from the Faena Forum, where the Artist in Residence program is taking place. Students are invited to ask questions, watch, and learn as they develop a project or piece in real time.

The students learn directly from the artists in a very personal and creative way. Instructors will guide them in creating their own work which will ultimately be showcased at the Faena District in Miami Beach alongside works installed throughout the property. Those include works by artists Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons and Alberto Garutti.

“Art helps open the mind and explore new ways of thinking. It helps us invent, create, challenge, and get to know ourselves better: what we see, what we like, what we are drawn to and what we are uncomfortable with. These are all things that should be learned and experienced at a young age,” said Comotti.

Faena Art is a nonprofit organization that houses and produces post-disciplinary and time-based experiences. FAENA ART fosters new models for performative social interaction that transcend the traditional boundaries of art, science, philosophy, and social practice.

WHAT: Art Courses by Faena Art

WHEN/WHERE: Available through Nov. 30 on Zoom

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