Dance Showcase at PAN Is Mixed Bag, Offers Something For Everyone

Posted By Josie Gulliksen
November 10, 2015 at 1:49 PM

Dance Showcase at PAN Is Mixed Bag, Offers Something For Everyone

In a small intimate space along North Miami’s West Dixie Highway, the Performing Arts Network (PAN) and its founder Ilisa Rosal of Ballet Flamenco La Rosa, presented a mixed bag of dance groups during the Choreographer’s Showcase.

On the bill were Tango Axis, pantomime performer Nina Martin, Atma Dance, and Rosal’s own Ballet Flamenco La Rosa, the resident groups at PAN. Aside from them, the diverse program also included one of Miami’s longest-running dance troupes Momentum Dance Company, whose Founder and Artistic Director Delma Iles was present.

Atma Dance Photo by Jenny Abreu

Austrian-born pantomime artist Nina Martin, a recent arrival to Miami who teaches classes at PAN, opened the show with a fun, heartwarming solo piece. She was followed by the duo Tango Axis, who has been working at PAN for three years and hosts its own events in the space. Ballet Flamenco La Rosa followed with two dancers and accompanying flamenco guitarist. They all presented fiery, passionate performances that drew rousing applause from the audience.

A soloist from Momentum Dance followed with a playful, light piece called “Monkeybone.” Then Atma Dance, a group of five dancers that combined yoga and dance into their moves, showed sheer power and strength. Tango Axis and Ballet Flamenco then returned to close out the show with a couple of dramatic, show-stopping pair of dances highlighting their expert intricate footwork and flirtatious demeanor.

“We’ve been doing this show since we formed PAN in 1995,” said Rosal. “In 1985, when I started Ballet Flamenco La Rosa I started meeting a lot of dance and performance groups. And I just immediately thought Miami really needed a place like this where these types of performances could be showcased.”

It’s the perfect opportunity to show both the quality and diversity in Miami’s dance community. Also, the groups showcased use the space for rehearsals, classes, and events; Momentum Dance Company has at times used the space and they have had a long standing relationship with them.

Ballet Flamenco La Rosa Photo by Jenny Abreu

Rosal decided on the space in North Miami because she knew the city was underserved when it came to the arts and it was the perfect spot. She’s proud to bring the arts to this type of community and loves that it is a central location easy to get to from just anywhere. “We have people come from Broward, Miami Beach, really from all over the place,” Rosal said.

Planning the show is a matter of putting the word out to the dance community that there is an opportunity for participation, and then trying to feature younger choreographers as well as some of the more established ones, “always ensuring there are several disciplines and styles represented,” she said.

Rosal is also proud of the intimate space they provide, which is an ideal opportunity for audiences to get a close up and personal look at the high quality groups Miami has to offer. “People really love it and they say you can feel the energy in the performances, which makes for a whole different experience,” Rosal said.

Don’t miss the next performance at PAN, Pantomime – Theatre Without Words with Nina Martin on Sunday, Nov. 15 at 3 p.m. Tickets
in advance are $10 for adults, $8 for students/seniors and $6 for children; at the door $15 for adults, $10 for students/seniors and $8 for children. Call
305-899-7730 for more info. 

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