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The play begins, as it must, with the velvet voice of Nat King Cole crooning “Mona Lisa.” After all, how many paintings inspire an Oscar-winning song? For that matter, how many masterpieces survive damage, theft and the rapacious covetousness of collectors for more than half a millennium? Leonardo da Vinci’s “La Gioconda,” popularly known as the Mona Lisa, is that inspi..

A casual conversation with a fellow theater artist prompted José Manuel Dominguez, founder and artistic director of Antiheroes Project, to produce the company’s latest piece, “El tiempo de las mandarinas,” (“Season for Tangerines”) by Argentine playwright Rafael Nofal. “I am drawn to themes of memory, dreams, and paradise lost, but for a long time I’ve wanted to do a play based on reality,” sa..

The 32nd International Hispanic Theatre Festival kicks off on Thursday, July 6 with the Mexican company Los Tristes Tigres’ irreverent spin on Shakespeare, “Algo de un tal Shakespeare” (“Something by One Shakespeare”). Founder and director Mario Ernesto Sánchez, the festival’s engine that could and still can, identifies this raucous play as part of the festival’s larger goal of attracting..

Nowadays, it’s tough not to feel worried, paranoid or in need of some escapist relief from the steady flow of oh-no-he-didn’t news out of Washington. Miami playwright Theo Reyna feels your pain. His response is “Firemen Are Rarely Necessary,” a jet-black satire now getting its Mad Cat Theatre Company world premiere at Miami Theater Center’s Sand Box. The play takes intricately aim..

Pearl Cleage’s play “Flyin’ West,” an M Ensemble production currently on stage at the beautiful new performing arts center in Liberty City, the Sandrell Rivers Theatre, is set in humble Nicodemus, Kansas, the only remaining western town established by African Americans during the reconstruction period following the Civil War. Set in 1898, the play focuses on the lives of Sophie (Brandiss ..

Esteban, ( the debut of Cuban director Jonal Cosculluela being premiered at The Miami Light Project tells the story of a 9 year old, living in Havana with his mother, who’s raising him as a single parent, and his perseverance following his dream of becoming a musician. The challenges seem overwhelming. Esteban and his mother struggle to make ends meet (htt..

Desperate times call for desperate measures. For some, that might mean taking a second or third job. Or robbing a bank. Or moving in with family. For Casey, a straight lip-syncing Elvis impersonator in a Panama City bar, desperation means forsaking the King’s rhinestone-studded jumpsuit for leg hair-hiding pantyhose, fake boobs and big-hair wigs, the better to sell himself as a fa..

Writing about “Broken Snow,” the Ben Andron thriller now getting its world premiere at the J’s Cultural Arts Theatre (JCAT) in North Miami Beach, is a proposition almost as tricky as the play itself. The intricately structured 90-minute drama is loaded with surprises, twists and turns, all revealed at precisely the right moment so that the play builds to its shattering conclusion..

As this steamy spring melts into a sweltering summer, Actors’ Playhouse is inviting theater lovers to a wedding – a big, fat Jewish-WASP wedding, otherwise known as the Broadway musical “It Shoulda Been You.” Though the show seemingly takes place in the present, the piece by book writer-lyricist Brian Hargrove and composer Barbara Anselmi is an old-fashioned, stereotype-filled throwba..

'Death & Harry Houdini' Makes Another Magical Moment at ArshtDennis Watkins knows how to make an entrance. In the House Theatre of Chicago’s “Death & Harry Houdini,” now back at the Arsht Center’s Carnival Studio Theater five years after it first wowed Miami audiences, Watkins arrives onstage with the help of theater technology unknown in Houdini’s day. Dangling upside dow..

When Ballet Flamenco La Rosa takes to the stage this weekend, it will present a program based on traditions which were handed down through the ages. A program filled with the mysteries of fl..

With every great new love, the beginning is a crucible of extremes – will it endure for decades or permanently scar?The program for Dimensions Dance Theater of Miami’sJuly 8show, “Fiebre: A N..

With a heightened emphasis on “Noise” as an innovative musical genre, this sixth installment of the Miami Performance Festival International (M/P’17), running June 23 to 25, challenges South..

After 17 years as a principal dancer with the esteemed San Francisco Ballet, dancing every major role and style possible, Lorena Feijoo is retiring from that company to embark on a new journe..

Miami choreographer Marissa Alma Nick is a storyteller. Her company Alma Dance Theater brings a particularly female inner world to the stage, through lush and sensual choreography. Nick’s..

Pools are ubiquitous in Miami. They dot the landscape like Jackson Pollock drip paintings. Residents swim or idle the hours away by or in the pool – and dancers of Momentum Dance Company also perf..

May’s “Mujeres” series of strong, multi-faceted, women-focused productions, commissioned for Miami Theater Center’s SandBox space, concludes with Spanish-born dancer-choreographer Carlota Pr..

One could say that Bistoury’s 305 & Havana International Improv Fest, which debuts this Saturday at Miami Theater Center, has been in the works for almost 20 years. In 1999 Cuban-born cho..

The process of creating “Shade,” choreographer Augusto Soledade’s latest full-length work, has been one of remembering and reconfiguring memory to discover new ways of talking about identity ..

Not everybody who begins a musical career at age three singing in his grandfather’s Pentecostal Church finds his way to the Metropolitan Opera in New York. Soloman Howard did in two short decades...

Singer-songwriter Tiago Iorc may have been one of Brazil’s best-kept secrets, but the word is getting out. Fresh from appearances in New York, Boston and Orlando, Iorc makes his South Flo..

Gustavo Matamoros’ beard has gone gray, but his passionate promotion of listening as a way of engaging the world remains fresh.Whether bats in the Everglades, shrimp in Biscayne Bay or the no..

Just about now, even as the unsuspecting may be lounging at the beach, classical music is thundering forth in Miami. Our town’s annual eight week Miami Music Festival has begun with its offer..

Talk of weddings can quickly split a friendly gathering into camps of pro and con. Those on the pro side retell the moment when the crying six-year-old ring bearer, stunned by the attention o..

What better way to welcome summer than with a burst of live music? Leave it to the French to come up with the idea. Since 1982, they’ve marked the summer solstice with free concerts and p..

Mexican singer Natalia Lafourcade is as tiny as a house sparrow, with a voice as clean and pure as a bell. These delicate qualities belie a fierce inner strength and a steely artistic will. A..

Melissa Aldana is the first woman instrumentalist and the first South American artist to win jazz’s prestigious Thelonius Monk competition. Which distinction is more important to her? Neither..

Project 305 has a simple aim – crowd-source a Miami symphony. For 100 days from January 31 to May 12 New World Symphony, in collaboration with the Knight Foundation and the M.I.T. Media Lab, ..

Regresa Dimensions Dance Theatre of Miami con función única y final enfebrecido

Photo: Trio Esferas; photo Simon Soong.
Written by: Orlando Taquechel
Article Rating

El debut de Dimensions Dance Theatre of Miami (DDTM) en noviembre del año pasado fué un acontecimiento artístico y un descubrimiento sumamente agradable. Una sola función en el Miami-Dade County Auditorium resultó suficiente para demostrar que sus fundadores y directores artísticos, Jennifer Kronenberg y Carlos Guerra, saben armar un buen programa y dejar complacidos a los espectadores.

DDTM regresa a escena el 8 de julio próximo para una segunda función única con“Fiebre (Fever): A Night of Summer Ballet” en el acogedor South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center (SMDCAC) y prometen una oferta variada con final enfebrecido – de ahí el título - que incluye tres estrenos en Miami y la reaparición de dos figuras invitadas que fueron fundamentales en el éxito del primer programa: la exquisita primera bailarina mexicana Katia Carranza y los sensacionales Alain García y su The Latin Power Band.

“Estamos muy entusiasmados porque esta es nuestra segunda presentación en un teatro. Es siempre algo muy agradable bailar en el verano y hacerlo en el sur, lejos de donde se produce la mayor parte de la danza en Miami, es una oportunidad que apreciamos enormemente”, afirma Jennifer en entrevista para ArtBurst Miami.

Carranza, que aparece por cortesía del Miami City Ballet, bailará junto al cubano Eduardo Iglesias un hermosopas de deuxextraído del ballet “Sinergia” de Luis Serrano, creado especialmente para ella. García y su banda interpretaran canciones popularizadas por la temperamental cantante cubana La Lupe (1939-1992) en “Fiebre” del notable coreógrafo venezolano Vicente Nebrada (1930-2002), montaje de Yanis Pikieris y Zane Wilson.

Mayrel Martinez Lopez y Maikel Hernandez, Gabriela Mesa y Fabian Morales, Sarah McCahill y Stephan Fons y Chloe Freytagjunto aJosue Justizsonlas cuatro parejas que se entregarán en “Fiebre” al mundo apasionado del bolero para asegurar un final espectacular para una noche que DDTM espera hacer inolvidable.

Por su parte, Jennifer y Carlos interpretarán por primera vez “Transparente”, la breve e inquietante obra maestra coreográfica del croata Ronald Savkovic que el público de Miami seguramente recuerda con agrado por ser el gran éxito del XII Festival Internacional de Ballet de Miami en 2007.

“Desde hace años queríamos hacer “Transparente” y estamos felices porque Ronald vino hasta Miami para montarlo con nosotros”, comenta Carlos visiblemente complacido.

“Transparente” es el nombre de un disco de 2005 de Mariza, la cantante de fado mozambiqueña de origen portugués y el dueto se apropia su título pero la canción de Mariza utilizada por Savkovic es “Malmequer”, que nos remite a ese momento cuandodejamos en manos del azar la toma de una decisióny simplemente optamos por “deshojar una margarita”.

La letra de “Malmequer” termina en incertidumbre (“si me quiere o no me quiere / mucho, poco, todo o nada…”) pero el público que asista al SMDCAC para ver a DDTM saldrá del teatro con la certeza de haber experimentado algo muy especial.Por años, Kronenberg y Guerra fueron la pareja clásica más bella y elegante del Miami City Ballet. Con “Transparente” ambos sorprenderán a sus seguidores al agregar matices inéditos al trabajo de pareja que los caracteriza y reinventarse como intérpretes contemporáneos.

Así las cosas, “Transparente” va a ser el momento más esperado de la noche pero el programa incluye otros doscrowd pleasers: “C’est la Vie” de Kevin Jenkins, un trabajo ligero y divertido que estará a cargo deChloe Freytag, Eduardo Iglesias, Trisha Carter y Stephan Fons y elpas de trois“Esferas”, del prometedor Ariel Rose, que formó parte de la presentación laboratorio que DDTM ofreció en marzo también en SMDCAC. Gabriela Mesa, Josue Justiz y Fabian Morales bailarán “Esferas”.

Todo parece indicar que DDTM tiene lista una oferta artística destinada a ser un éxito de público y crítica. Definitivamente, hay que ir a verlos.

Dimensions Dance Theatre of Miami ofrecerá una única función de “Fiebre (Fever): A Night of Summer Ballet” el sábado 8 de julio a las 8:00 p.m. en el South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center de Cutler Bay (boletos entre $25 y $45; $75 VIP con acceso a un encuentro con los artistas después de la presentación). Boletos a la venta en y


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