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Pearl Cleage’s play “Flyin’ West,” an M Ensemble production currently on stage at the beautiful new performing arts center in Liberty City, the Sandrell Rivers Theatre, is set in humble Nicodemus, Kansas, the only remaining western town established by African Americans during the reconstruction period following the Civil War. Set in 1898, the play focuses on the lives of Sophie (Brandiss ..

Esteban, ( the debut of Cuban director Jonal Cosculluela being premiered at The Miami Light Project tells the story of a 9 year old, living in Havana with his mother, who’s raising him as a single parent, and his perseverance following his dream of becoming a musician. The challenges seem overwhelming. Esteban and his mother struggle to make ends meet (htt..

Desperate times call for desperate measures. For some, that might mean taking a second or third job. Or robbing a bank. Or moving in with family. For Casey, a straight lip-syncing Elvis impersonator in a Panama City bar, desperation means forsaking the King’s rhinestone-studded jumpsuit for leg hair-hiding pantyhose, fake boobs and big-hair wigs, the better to sell himself as a fa..

Writing about “Broken Snow,” the Ben Andron thriller now getting its world premiere at the J’s Cultural Arts Theatre (JCAT) in North Miami Beach, is a proposition almost as tricky as the play itself. The intricately structured 90-minute drama is loaded with surprises, twists and turns, all revealed at precisely the right moment so that the play builds to its shattering conclusion..

As this steamy spring melts into a sweltering summer, Actors’ Playhouse is inviting theater lovers to a wedding – a big, fat Jewish-WASP wedding, otherwise known as the Broadway musical “It Shoulda Been You.” Though the show seemingly takes place in the present, the piece by book writer-lyricist Brian Hargrove and composer Barbara Anselmi is an old-fashioned, stereotype-filled throwba..

'Death & Harry Houdini' Makes Another Magical Moment at ArshtDennis Watkins knows how to make an entrance. In the House Theatre of Chicago’s “Death & Harry Houdini,” now back at the Arsht Center’s Carnival Studio Theater five years after it first wowed Miami audiences, Watkins arrives onstage with the help of theater technology unknown in Houdini’s day. Dangling upside dow..

Director Carlos Lechuga’s masterful unspooling of time in his second feature film “Santa y Ándres” constructs a uniquely Cuban mix of tedium and despair, resulting in an emotionally intense experience that sneaks up on the viewer in plain sight. The film opens with the stillness of a landscape painting: the eastern Cuban countryside of 1983 – rugged, lush, and verdant. The statuesque..

Memory – deep-seated, fragile, slippery, mutable – is at the heart of Jordan Harrison’s “Marjorie Prime.” A Pulitzer Prize finalist in 2015, the play is a family tragicomedy given a sci-fi makeover; in other words, this thought-provoking theater piece charts its own, fresh path. Now getting its South Florida premiere as the second professional production from the Main Street Players, ..

The stage is a fixed space. It is the axis around which story, conflict, and character revolve. When that fixed space shifts, new possibilities emerge. Starting Wednesday, April 23, a shifting site for theater emerges at Deering Estate, a 444-acre environmental, archeological, and historical preserve along the edge of Biscayne Bay in Palmetto Bay. Four local playwrights have collaborated ..

Nearly two years ago, Miami’s Zoetic Stage took its first trip into the world of Harold Pinter with an intense, superbly acted production of the Nobel laureate’s 1978 hit “Betrayal” in the Arsht Center’s Carnival Studio Theater. Now Zoetic is delving further back into the Pinter canon with a riveting production of “The Caretaker.” This 1960 work is, like “Betrayal,” a three-character ..

With a heightened emphasis on “Noise” as an innovative musical genre, this sixth installment of the Miami Performance Festival International (M/P’17), running June 23 to 25, challenges South..

After 17 years as a principal dancer with the esteemed San Francisco Ballet, dancing every major role and style possible, Lorena Feijoo is retiring from that company to embark on a new journe..

Miami choreographer Marissa Alma Nick is a storyteller. Her company Alma Dance Theater brings a particularly female inner world to the stage, through lush and sensual choreography. Nick’s..

Pools are ubiquitous in Miami. They dot the landscape like Jackson Pollock drip paintings. Residents swim or idle the hours away by or in the pool – and dancers of Momentum Dance Company also perf..

May’s “Mujeres” series of strong, multi-faceted, women-focused productions, commissioned for Miami Theater Center’s SandBox space, concludes with Spanish-born dancer-choreographer Carlota Pr..

One could say that Bistoury’s 305 & Havana International Improv Fest, which debuts this Saturday at Miami Theater Center, has been in the works for almost 20 years. In 1999 Cuban-born cho..

The process of creating “Shade,” choreographer Augusto Soledade’s latest full-length work, has been one of remembering and reconfiguring memory to discover new ways of talking about identity ..

Upcoming this week, Tigertail presents choreographer Myriam Gourfink and musician Kasper Toeplitz. Hailing from France, the two will be present for a 3-day residency at Subtropics’ South Beac..

From her home base at 6th Street Dance Studio in Little Havana, longtime Miami dance figure Brigid Baker has been slowly crafting a new performance piece. It’s not conceptual or political like con..

What better way to welcome summer than with a burst of live music? Leave it to the French to come up with the idea. Since 1982, they’ve marked the summer solstice with free concerts and p..

Mexican singer Natalia Lafourcade is as tiny as a house sparrow, with a voice as clean and pure as a bell. These delicate qualities belie a fierce inner strength and a steely artistic will. A..

Melissa Aldana is the first woman instrumentalist and the first South American artist to win jazz’s prestigious Thelonius Monk competition. Which distinction is more important to her? Neither..

Project 305 has a simple aim – crowd-source a Miami symphony. For 100 days from January 31 to May 12 New World Symphony, in collaboration with the Knight Foundation and the M.I.T. Media Lab, ..

You hear the word “flamenco” -- what image comes to mind? A guitar? A dark-haired dancer? The color red, a ruffled dress? Did a piano by any chance enter the picture? Perhaps not. Pianist..

Critics on five continents have described her work as “indecent and breathtaking,” or some close variant. One blessed her for always “going too far.” Another stated he would prefer death to m..

Buzzing his lips and shaking his head, Rafael Davila gets ready to rehearse. In the Florida Grand Opera’s cavernous rehearsal hall in Doral, the floor is marked with tape to delineate the roo..

There’s a song James Blood Ulmer sings called “Jazz Is the Teacher, Funk is the Preacher.” If you bring in Mother Blues, along with the family hothead, Rock and Roll, you’ll have a better pi..

Ask about the Miami Sound to 10 people in South Florida and you’ll get 11 different answers. And yet, for more than 20 years, the Spam Allstars, a group founded and anchored by DJ Le Spam (a..

El Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami y su Gala de estrellas

Photo: Fotografía de Salvador Gómez.
Written by: Orlando Taquechel
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La Gala anual de Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami (CCBM) es un evento que esperan con ansiedad los aficionados al ballet en Miami y, sobre todo, los admiradores del estilo cubano. Desde su debut en 2006 CCBM ha hecho historia invitando a figuras importantes y presentado a artistas recién llegados de Cuba en programas que les ha permitido darse a conocer en los Estados Unidos.

Este año no va a ser diferente y el CCBM tiene preparadas dos Galas llenas de atractivo para el teatro Colony de Miami Beach y el Miami-Dade County Auditorium.

“Son dos funciones concebidas pensando en las exigencias del público de Miami asiduo al ballet que siempre espera poder ver obras del repertorio clásico conocidas y a la vez tener la oportunidad de apreciar algo nuevo, preferiblemente con temática cubana”, afirma Pedro Pablo Peña, director artístico fundador del CCBM.

Lo nuevo este año esHabaneras, una coreografía de Eriberto Jiménez que parte de una idea original del propio Pedro Pablo, con música de Ignacio Cervantes.

El programa del Colony abre conLes Sylphidese incluye elpas de deuxdel balletFlames of Paris, el estreno mundial deHabanerasy elpas de troisde las esclavas del balletLe Corsaire. Después del intermedio se presentaráel famosísimoGrand Pas de Quatre. En el programa del Miami-Dade County Auditorium aparecenLes Sylphides,Habaneras,Grand Pas de Quatrey unaLe Corsaire Suiteespectacular que ocupará toda la segunda parte de la función.

“A inicios de los años 60 existía en Cuba un entrenamiento básico que partiendo de las ideas de Luis Trápaga y Alberto Alonso preparaba al bailarín para proyectarse en escena utilizando recursos provenientes de la manera de moverse y bailar del cubano”, explica Pedro Pablo. “La idea detrás deHabanerases retomar los principios de Trápaga y Alonso con bailarines que poseen un nivel técnico definitivamente superior al de entonces.”

Habanerasretoma todo eso, les da oportunidades de lucimiento y recrea también a la mujer criolla y a Yarini”, afirma Pedro Pablo. “Es una obra para seis bailarinas y un hombre que en estas funciones será Jorge Oscar Sánchez, del Washington Ballet.”

ElYarini a que hace referencia Pedro Pablo es el tristemente célebre proxeneta cubano que la historia convirtió en mito.Jorge OscarSánchez es un artista muy apreciado en Miami por su participación en la Gala 2015 donde bailó elpas de deuxdel balletLa Esmeraldae interpretó el rol de Espada enDon Quijote Suitey por sobresalir nuevamente en 2016 con el atléticoAguas Primaverales, eldivertidoPeasant Pas de Deuxy en el rol de Hilarión enGiselle.

Entre las figuras masculinas que participarán en esta Gala se encuentran también Arionel Vargas, otra presencia ya habitual entre nosotros y dos debutantes en Miami: Francois Llorente y Rodrigo Almarán, primer bailarín del Cincinnati Ballet.

Sin duda alguna,Habaneras, elGrand Pas de QuatreyLe Corsaire Suiteson las grandes atracciones pero Pedro Pablo Peña está igualmente entusiasmado con elFlames of Parisque se presentará únicamente en la función del Colony y nos dice que “es una oportunidad para descubrir a Francois Llorente, un joven bailarín cubano que estoy seguro va a conquistar al público de Miami”.

Por su parte, Almarán asumirá el papel del esclavo Ali enLe Corsaire Suite, compartiendo créditos con Vargas (Conrad), Sánchez (Lamkenden), Llorente (Birbanto), la siempre estupenda Marize Fumero (Medora) y Venus Villa (Gulnare).

Fumero y Villa son dos de las figuras femeninas que regresan este año, junto a Gretel Batista, Manuela Navarro y la estelar Lorena Feijóo. Con el CCBM Feijóo ha sido Giselle, Carmen, Kitri y Lise. En esta ocasión asumirá el rol de Taglioni en elGrand Pas de Quatrejunto a Fumero (Grahn), Navarro (Grisi) y Villa (Cerrito).

El Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami se presenta el viernes 9 de junio a las 8:00 p.m. en el teatro Colony de Miami Beach (boletos entre $20 y $35) y el sábado 10 de junio a las 8:00 p.m. en el Miami-Dade County Auditorium (boletos entre $32 y $62). Boletos a la venta en y



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